Become an Affiliate and make money promoting Trading With Angus

Promote a membership to Trading With Angus and earn $48.50 (50% of the membership price) for each new member you refer to us and $24.25 each subsequent month. There’s no limit to how many new members you can refer to us, and it’s up to you how you promote. This can be either through your own website / blog, on Facebook or via a list of e-mails you might have. We strongly advise against spamming people, so play nice. You’re also more than welcome to recommend family and friends to join Trading With Angus!

To get started, register a profile just as if you were signing up as a normal member. Once registered, you can access your account here

How am I getting paid?

All payments to Trading With Angus is via PayPal, so in order to sign up as an affiliate, you would need to have a PayPal account. Payments that you generate are automatically paid to your account. We pay affiliates every 1st of the month on all payments received up to the 17th of the previous month. If you have questions to your payment, please send us an email and we would be happy to help

Affiliate Dashboard

Register Account

How to setup your affiliate account

After you have signed up as via the registration process, you need to click “Advertise our website to your friends and earn money” or just click here- . We are aware that this is not the most intuitive affiliate process in the world, but it allows us full control and not having to deal with affiliate sites that makes it difficult for us and for you 🙂

Once in the backend area, you need to activate your affiliate account

Then, save your Paypal email here for payouts and click Next-
Now, save your affiliate text link and set of affiliate banner link codes. This is what you will use to send us visitors

Earn 20% commission on the Initial Deposit of any of your Introductions

If your new members signup to Binarycent using the following link you will receive 20% commission on their initial deposit. So if $3000 is deposited you will receive $600 in commission via Bitcoin.

This commission is payable 4 weeks after their deposit. In order to claim your commission you will need to submit a screenshot confirming the deposit and their name and account number within the 4 week period.

Commission for Binarycent deposits will be payable via Bitcoin to your wallet address.

NOTE: Please ensure they use the link as commissions can only be paid on deposits made using the Binarycent link above.