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This is not a scam, Angus is for real. He truly cares about his students and helps you every step of the way while learning. You will not be disappointed. The $97 is easily earned the first week of trading.

- Matt Hicks, United States

Angus is a very professional trader, very comited and responsible as well, I know him for a good time and I can only recommend you giving a shot to know him and his trading system and be financially free

- Jhonni, Portugal

When I started looking out for binary option, I researched, googled and asked a few trader friends. Angus Levie was highly recommended by my trader friend. When I joined Angus’ Group, it’s like a group of like-minded individual that has only one goal, to learn and earn.

- Desiree, UAE

I have been trading with Angus since he started.. I really enjoy the live trading sessions.. I can say nothing but good about Angus and his service.. well done Angus.

- Philip, Ireland

I started daily trading with Angus and the Binary Options Group over 1 year ago with no prior experience in binary options. Angus is a true professional, excellent mentor regardless of your experience. Full support was provided in set up of his trading system, tools along with the ETX trading platform

- Michael Sparksman, Ireland

Ok, since I have been in your sessions for about a month I was feeling great with your system, especially you are always responsibility for whatever you do for every session! I'm looking forward to be a part of you membership!

- Hiem, Cambodia

Trading with Angus is not about getting signals. You are constantly being educated during his live trading sessions as he will explain the reason why he took a particular trade. After sometimes, you will notice certain set patterns/strategies that u can implement in your own trading style. Trading carries risks, there's no 100% winning strategy, control your emotions, exercise money management and lastly accept losses as part and pacel of trading. As the saying goes "give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him to fish it will feed him a life time. Thanks Angus for for patience and dedication to this group.

- Anthony Goh, Singapore

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